A New Agency, A New Way of Thinking and the Way to a Gold Medal
Matt Crehan, Director
1 April 2018
The buzzword for digital marketing agencies across the country and the world for the last several years has been “results driven”, but only a handful truly provide such a service and why when every aspect of digital marketing is measurable, testable and analytical allowing for performance, results and investment to be reviewed and reported. 
So in March 2018, after over 10 years working in marketing roles from marketing executives to Head of Creative, both in-house and agency side, at large corporations such DW Sports to start-up tech firms and premier marketing agencies, I decided as with my running to go out alone, to set up my own digital marketing, focusing on brands and industries I can get behind, I believe in and I want to see succeed.

Hence the birth of Endurance Digital Ltd, a Digital Marketing providing a full digital service offering from web design to social media advertising and inbound marketing to SEO, to a host of businesses within the Sports Arena, from event organisers to independent retailers and physiotherapists to personal trainers.

And with the founding of Endurance Digital, I didn’t just want to be like every other agency I want to shake things up to really and truly provide the promise of a results driven agency, and an agency that feels like an integral member of any of our client’s teams.

So my first bold statement was to offer “No Contracts”, with every aspect of digital marketing able to be measured, why do agencies feel they need to hold a client prisoner to a 12 month contract. What usually happens in those cases is some great work may be done month one and two, then nothing for the next 8 months of the year, before suddenly a load of work is done those final two months in the hope of retaining the business.

That’s wrong!

A client should be able to look at the work completed and the results gained at the end of each month and make the decision whether it’s worth continuing to pay for a service or not, especially when some large contracting agencies will charge in the £1,000s for monthly fees.

And so no client of Endurance Digital will ever be contracted, we simply ask that if we deliver the results and are helping your business grow and reach the targets you’ve set, that you stick with us, refer us on and ensure that we both succeed.

Next I wanted to deliver a digital marketing service, which broke down that barrier that often comes between in-house and agency marketers where one or both feel like they are at competition with each other.

They’re not!

For the business to succeed, both need to work in sync to help each other achieve the goals and targets and win. To do this I believe that me and my team, need to have a well-rounded skill set and provide expertise in our service fields. We also need to be able to sit and work with you and your team to fully understand your business, how it works, who your competitors are why your customers/clients choose you and what it is you want to achieve through working with us. From here we can together plan, strategize and support each other in achieving those end goals and finishing the race or climb that industry mountain and make sure your business reigns supreme.

And finally why focus on sport, why not work with every type of business under the sun?

Well, I’m a national level distance runner, aiming for the 2020 Olympics, Marc my co-founder is a competitive rock climber and expedition leader, soloing walls in places like Norway and Morocco and goal of one day climbing El Capitan.

So we wanted to work with brands and businesses we can believe in, that we already understand and that we know what their customers are looking for. We also know that these brands understand what we’re doing, with are aims for sport, and that we can only achieve those aims, by ensuring we help them achieve their business goals, so allowing us to maintain the level of training and competing that we need to do.

So if you are a sports brand or business and you like what you’ve read, why not drop me an email today and let’s discuss how Endurance Digital can help your business grow and succeed.   

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